Introduction and Profile of T.N.T EXPRESS ALBANIA Company

T.N.T EXPRESS ALBANIA has been operating in Albania since 1995. The head office is located at Mine Peza Street No. 2, Tirana and in the area of ​​Zogu I Zi.


T.N.T EXPRESS ALBANIA works in ALBANIA With a professional staff and a large number of vehicles in use, T.N.T EXPRESS ALBANIA is one of the largest postal services in Albania.

T.N.T EXPRESS ALBANIA already has 30 cars, 25 motorcycles and 95 couriers, Distributors throughout Albania.

T.N.T EXPRESS ALBANIA covers with postal service 100% of the entire Albanian territory and 100% of the population.

T.N.T EXPRESS ALBANIA is working hard to increase its capacity for quality services.

The postal service “DERE me DERE of T.N.T Express Albania is one of the most accurate and correct services ever offered in Albania.

T.N.T EXPRESS ALBANIA in the Central Office has 30 employees, who take care of the operation of the operational network.

T.N.T EXPRESS ALBANIA Organizes Withdrawal of postal deliveries to the sender’s address during 7 days of the week and 24 hours, It is also available at the request of the customer.

T.N.T EXPRESS ALBANIA provides Daily, Weekly and Monthly reports for sending postal items.

T.N.T EXPRESS ALBANIA Offers to the customer the accompanying convoy of free shipping.

T.N.T EXPRESS ALBANIA Delivers Postal Deliveries within the network organized in the territory of Albania and Abroad.

T.N.T EXPRESS ALBANIA is committed to employing at all times of employees with a high level of professional knowledge and experience for effective and efficient service.

T.N.T EXPRESS ALBANIA is registered with the relevant Albanian institutions and responsible for all obligations related to local social insurance and tax regulations.


Carrying out postal services of various types, postal deliveries, such as envelopes, documents or various cargoes through land, sea and air, in Albania and abroad. Exercise of air, sea and land transport activity of passengers and goods inside and outside Republic of the territory of Albania for itself and for third parties. Exercise of activity as a customs agency. Exercise of activity as a tourist agency. Transit of goods from all border points of Albania. Import and export of all types of goods and their wholesale and retail trade. Exclusive subscription representations also to realize the object and its goals, the company can undertake and develop any type of activity for commercial, financial, lease or leasing purpose, which it deems useful or necessary to achieve the goals of its activity. .


All those years that T.N.T EXPRESS ALBANIA operates in the Albanian market, makes us proud to mention some of the successful collaborations with the most prestigious companies in Albania such as:

Bank of Albania, Telekom Albania, Vodafone Albania, General Bank of Societe Bank, National Bank of Greece, Alpha Bank, Credins Bank, NOA Bank, National Commercial Bank, Telekom Albania, Tirana Bank, LM, Ericson International, Ernst & Young, Raiffeisen Bank, Sicred, Atlantic, Sigal and many others.


T.N.T EXPRESS ALBANIA has started and continues for 13 years in the postal service in Albania exactly with the Collection, transport and delivery of deliveries based on door-to-door service (from door to door of the sender and recipient).

T.N.T EXPRESS ALBANIA is present in more than 50 cities in Albania.

T.N.T EXPRESS ALBANIA was introduced to the Albanian market in 2005 with the Postal Service of Delivery and Return of Confirmation (PROOF OF DELIVERY).

T.N.T EXPRESS ALBANIA currently has a distribution network of over 95 branches and distributors across the country that provide service every day of the week. T.N.T Express Albania responds to customer needs 7 days a week.

T.N.T EXPRESS ALBANIA has recruited, professionally trained staff to provide postal service based on market demands.

Our service network has expanded throughout the Albanian Zone by opening its branches and providing interconnection services.

 T.N.T EXPRESS ALBANIA Transport Network

T.N.T EXPRESS ALBANIA Postal Service operates with local transport on all major axes in Albania. Working time is 7 days a week.

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